NFL Quarterback records against winning teams

Here is your official resource to see every active NFL Quarterback’s record against teams with a winning record. This tool will allow you to easily find and compare every NFL QB against other QBs.

NFL QB records vs winning teams chart

Aaron Rodgers8541441.483
Baker Mayfield287210.250
Jimmy Garoppolo2313100.565
Kirk Cousins5010400.200
Lamar Jackson2814140.500
Patrick Mahomes161060.625
Josh Allen2712150.444
Justin Herbert15690.400
Kyler Murray143110.333
Daniel Jones163130.187
Sam Darnold174130.235
Deshaun Watson267190.269
Tom Brady12174470.611
Marcus Mariota2512130.480
Russell Wilson5932270.542
Matt Ryan9633630.344
Drew Lock8260.250
Dak Prescott4722250.468
Matthew Stafford8311720.132
Jared Goff3114170.451
Carson Wentz3110210.322
Derek Carr5914450.237
Mitchell Trubisky238150.347
Teddy Bridgewater184140.222
Gardner Minshew
Cam Newton
Joe Flacco
Andy Dalton
Alex Smith
Ryan Tannehill
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Case Keenum
Nick Foles
Tyrod Taylor

Chart information

  • QB must have started 10 games in the NFL to qualify
  • The quarterback must have started the game as the officially announced starter per NFL records
  • The opponent must have finished the season with a record above .500 to qualify as a winning team
  • The data and each player’s individual page will be updated after the completion of each NFL regular season.

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Why QB Win/Loss Record vs Winning Teams?

One of the common arguments used to criticize some quarterbacks is that they have a poor record against teams that finished the season with a winning record. This argument implies that these quarterbacks are not good enough to beat quality opponents and that their statistics are meaningless.

However, this argument is flawed for several reasons. First, it ignores the fact that football is a team sport and that the outcome of a game depends on many factors besides quarterback play, such as defense, coaching, special teams, and injuries. Second, it overlooks the fact that very few quarterbacks have a winning record against winning teams, even some of the greatest ones in history. Third, it fails to account for the context and quality of each individual performance, regardless of the final score.

Therefore, using QB wins to judge a quarterback’s ability is unfair and inaccurate by itself.

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