Dak Prescott: Record against winning teams

Since 2016, Dak Prescott has been the Dallas Cowboys’ starting quarterback, replacing the injured Tony Romo and earning a long-term contract. Prescott has shown great skills and leadership for the Cowboys, but the team has not lived up to its high expectations.

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys have a lot of talent, but they struggle to win against quality opponents.

Let’s examine how many times the Cowboys have beaten teams with a winning record under Prescott’s tenure.

The reason for QB wins against winning teams

Before we jump into it, I want it to be clear that winning and losing is a team statistic, not a quarterback statistic. A quarterback cannot control how well his defense, special teams, or coaching staff perform. He can only do his best with the opportunities he gets. Therefore, it is unfair to judge a quarterback solely by his win-loss record.

Secondly, it is very rare for any quarterback to have a winning record against teams who finished the season above .500 in the league. The NFL is a highly competitive and unpredictable league, where any team can beat any other team on any given day. It is unrealistic to expect a quarterback to consistently win against the best teams in the league.

Therefore, when evaluating a quarterback’s performance, it is important to look beyond the win-loss record and consider other factors such as efficiency, consistency, clutchness, and leadership. These are the qualities that truly separate the good quarterbacks from the great ones.

See every QB’s record against winning teams

What is Dak Prescott’s record against winning teams?

Dak Prescott is 22-25 (.468) against teams with a winning record during his entire career.

In 2022, Dak Prescott was 4-1 (.800) against winning teams as the starting quarterback.

  • Lions (win)
  • Vikings (win)
  • Giants (win)
  • Jaguars (loss)
  • Eagles (win)

In 2021, Dak Prescott was 5-4 (.555) against winning teams as the starting quarterback.

  • Buccaneers (loss)
  • Chargers (win)
  • Eagles (win)
  • Patriots (win)
  • Chiefs (loss)
  • Raiders (loss)
  • Saints (win)
  • Cardinals (loss)
  • Eagles (win)

In 2020, Dak Prescott was 0-3 (.000) against winning teams as the starting quarterback.

  • Rams (loss)
  • Seahawks (loss)
  • Browns (loss)

In 2019, Dak Prescott was 2-6 (.250) against winning teams as the starting quarterback.

  • Saints (loss)
  • Packers (loss)
  • Eagles (win)
  • Vikings (loss)
  • Patriots (loss)
  • Bills (loss)
  • Rams (win)
  • Eagles (loss)

In 2018, Dak Prescott was 3-4 (.428) against winning teams as the starting quarterback.

  • Seahawks (loss)
  • Texans (loss)
  • Titans (loss)
  • Eagles (win)
  • Saints (win)
  • Eagles (win)
  • Colts (loss)

What quarterbacks have a winning record against winning teams?

As seen on our master QB record vs winning teams chart, there are only a handful of NFL quarterbacks that have a record above .500 against winning teams.

You can digest that information on your own. The only thing I want you to take away from this is that it is extremely rare to have a winning record against teams that finished the season with a winning record.

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