Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson awaits MRI for finger injury

The Seattle Seahawks’ immediate future at quarterback is on hold. Starting quarterback Russell Wilson injured his finger last night during the Thursday Night Football game loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Surgery is still on the table as the All-Pro quarterback awaits further testing.

Wilson already has had an X-ray performed on his finger. The results of that were good as they came back as negative. Unfortunately for the Seahawks and Wilson, that does not mean they are in the clear. It will require an MRI to see if surgery is required to fix Wilson’s finger. Surgery would have him miss extended time.

NFL’s Ian Rapoport reported the following update on the X-ray this morning.

The X-Rays did not show a fracture, but as we’ve seen with other players recently (Gronk, Tua), MRI and other tests can reveal more. Surgery is a possibility and part of the evaluation process. But more answers coming today.

NFL’s Ian Rapoport

There is still optimism for Russell Wilson to return for the Seahawks next game based on several factors and evaluations of medical experts.

A doctor gives the Seattle Seahawks hope

David J. Chao, also known as Pro Football Doc, evaluated the injury and feels confident in his evaluation of what Russell Wilson will experience going forward.

In-game Twitter we said it was a mallet finger, not a finger dislocation. Probably not a fracture maybe a little bit of an avulsion at best.

Dr J Chao

There is good and bad news about this injury. Dr J. Chao laid it out perfectly.

The good news is no dislocation. The bad news is it’s a mallet finger extensor tendon tear. The way we treat these is we try and split them and hold it straight but that’s very difficult to do. This is why I believe Russell Wilson will have surgery. He will at least have a pinning, a pin across the finger to hold the finger straight to hold the tendons together. It’s possible he may have the tendon zone, but if they put a big enough pin in, especially with 10 days before his next game, I would not count Russell Wilson out for the next game yet. 

Dr J Chao

With 10 days between games, this is a major positive for the Seahawks. If Russell Wilson isn’t able to go, Geno Smith will start at quarterback. The Seahawks’ next game is October 17th against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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