Ranking the Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks through week 12

There are just 5 weeks left in the season for us to evaluate all the NFL quarterbacks. Some quarterbacks are making a strong push as their teams make a push for the playoffs. A select few are holding strong near the top in the to 10 quarterback rankings while some are just plain struggling. Even through week 12, there are some quarterbacks we can’t make up our minds about.

Week 12 was filled with some excellent quarterback performances. Five QB’s threw for over 300 yards with Patrick Mahomes topping the list after a monster game at 462. The other four were Tom Brady (345), Deshaun Watson (318), Justin Herbert (316), and Kirk Cousins (307).

Aaron Rogers and Watson both threw a week high of four touchdowns. There were four quarterbacks right behind them who threw three touchdowns. One of them was even the struggling Mitchell Trubisky, but don’t do get too excited as he also threw two interceptions and gave up a fumble to the other team.

NFL Quarterbacks ranking criteria

The Quarterback Rankings are based on each quarterback’s play so far this season. If you are looking for a list of the quarterbacks with the best team record, this isn’t for you. There is often a correlation between winning and good quarterback play but that is not always the case. We rank quarterback based on the criteria in the following order. Production > Advanced Metrics > Eye Test > Situation Difficulty > Schedule Difficulty.

Justin Herbert

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Justin Herbert is putting together a solid rookie campaign. They are not equating to a lot of wins but Chargers fans have reason to be optimistic.

Passer Rating – 100.9

QBR – 68.9

Completion % – 66.9
Passing Yards– 3,015
Touchdowns – 23

Drew Brees

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Drew Brees may be currently injured but his stats still stand the with best. He wasn’t having his best season but he was still having a top 10 season at 41 years old. Tom Brady was also close to this list coming in at 11th.

Passer Rating – 110.0

QBR – 81.1

Completion % – 73.5
Passing Yards – 2,196
Touchdowns – 18

Kyler Murray

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Kyler Murray is having a good season passing but he is also a serious run threat. That is the difference between him and Lamar Jackson. He may not be as good a runner as Jackson, but he is able to sling the rock around and it’s showing this season as he put the Arizona Cardinals back on the map and in the playoff race.

Passer Rating – 95.9

QBR – 81.1

Completion % – 68.2
Passing Yards – 2,814
Touchdowns – 19

Josh Allen

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Josh Allen started off the season extremely hot as an early MVP favorite. That has died down but he is still putting together an amazing season as the Bills are now the top dog in the AFC East.

Passer Rating – 102.3

QBR – 75.4

Completion % – 68.8
Passing Yards – 3,028
Touchdowns – 22

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins top 10 quarterback
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Kirk Cousins had a slow start to the season but since the BYE week he has been absolutely lights out. He is taking care of the ball and executing nearly everything he has been asked to do.

Passer Rating – 104.5

QBR – 67.8

Completion % – 68.1
Passing Yards – 2,768
Touchdowns – 23

Ryan Tannehill

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Tannehill has been rather consistent for two seasons now. He went from an afterthought to a legit top 10 quarterback consideration. This season has been no exception as he continues to be productive and effective for the Tennessee Titans.

Passer Rating – 106.7

QBR – 76.7

Completion % – 65.0
Passing Yards – 2,608
Touchdowns – 23

Deshaun Watson

deshaun watson top 10 quarterback
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The Houston Texans have been struggling but that is no fault of Deshaun Watson. He is having an amazing season statistically and is doing everything he can to help his team win. This is why QB wins are not a stat.

Passer Rating – 112.5

QBR – 74.2

Completion % – 68.9
Passing Yards – 3,201
Touchdowns – 24

Russell Wilson

russell Wilson top 10 quarerback
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Russell Wilson is so good and somehow underappreciated at the same time. He is always in the top 3-5 production wise. I still don’t think i appreciate just how good he has consistently been.

Passer Rating – 110.8

QBR – 74.9

Completion % – 70.7
Passing Yards – 3,216
Touchdowns – 31

Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers is back to his true self. He is making some sub par receivers outside of Davante Adams look like pro bowl veterans.

Passer Rating – 117.6

QBR – 85.1

Completion % – 68.5
Passing Yards – 3,100
Touchdowns – 33

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes top quarterback
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What is there even to say? Patrick Mahomes is the man to beat right now out of all NFL quarterbacks.

Passer Rating – 115.5

QBR – 86.1

Completion % – 68.8
Passing Yards – 3,497
Touchdowns – 30

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