Kirk Cousins had a phenomenal season throwing the football during the 2019 NFL season. The 31-year-old quarterback lead the Vikings to the playoffs where he helped them beat the New Orleans Saints during the wild card round.

Cousins is one of the most disrespected quarterbacks in the NFL for reasons I am still trying to comprehend. He played well last season and has performed well during his entire career. I think the biggest reason for the misconceptions about Cousins stems from the lack of team success the Washington Football Team experienced during his time with them.

How good has Kirk Cousins been?

Kirk Cousins has done nothing but played consistent football year in and year out. But enough of me talking about it. Here are some quick stats for Cousins. He is without a doubt, a current top 10 quarterback in the NFL just about any way you look at it.

  • During the last 5 seasons, Cousins is the only quarterback in the NFL to throw twenty-five or more touchdowns in every single season.
  • In the last 5 seasons combined, he has proved to be the deep ball king throwing for more 60 plus yard completions than anyone else.
  • During those same 5 seasons, Cousins has completed the second-highest amount of passes of all quarterbacks in the NFL.
  • During his last two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, Cousins has accumulated a passer rating of 103.0. That is 6th among all qualified quarterbacks.
  • Last season, Kirk Cousins threw for more 50 plus yard touchdowns than anyone else.
  • Last season, Cousins finished the NFL season 4th in passer rating

Now let’s get into some of the common arguments I often see about Cousins.

Wouldn’t anyone be a top deep ball passer with Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen?

In 2017 Kirk Cousins had a less than ideal receiving corps with the Washington Football Team. Despite that, he was the 3rd best deep-ball passer in the NFL. That season the teams leading receivers were Jamison Crowder, tight end Vernon Davis, Ryan Grant, and running back Chris Thompson in that respective order.

Doesn’t Kirk Cousins fold under pressure?

This is another narrative that has been proven false. In his first season with the Vikings he was actually the best quarterback in the NFL under pressure.

Can’t any quarterback can have a high completion rate throwing 2-5 yard passes?

This is a very common misconception of Cousins. Dustin Baker a writer for Fansided NFL, proved that to be another false narrative.