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The NFC Playoff Picture is starting to take form. After 13 weeks of NFL action, The New Orleans Saints are the first team to lock in a playoff spot. The Saints are still winning despite an injury to their starting quarterback Drew Brees who was having a top 10 QB season in the eyes of many.

With seven teams making it to the playoffs this season, that leaves six teams still fighting for 2020 playoff berths. Unlike the AFC playoff race, no NFC teams have been eliminated from playoff contention. This is largely in part to the NFC East which is currently lead by the New York Giants with a record of 5-7 on the season. Even if the Cowboys lose Tuesday night to the Ravens, they still have a two percent chance at making the playoffs. So as of right now, it is a fight to the end in the NFC.

Before we get into the NFC playoff picture, here are the teams on the outside looking in their respective NFC Standings.

  • Arizona Cardinals (6-6) 37% playoff chances
  • San Francisco 49ers (5-7) 26% playoff chances
  • Chicago Bears (5-7) 10% playoff chances
  • Detroit Lions (5-7) 3% playoff chances
  • Washington Football Team (5-7) 42% playoff chances currently losing NFC East tiebreaker to Giants
  • Atlanta Falcons (4-8) <1% playoff chances
  • Carolina Panthers (4-8) <1% playoff chances
  • Philadelphia Eagles (3-8-1) 5% playoff chances
  • Dallas Cowboys (3-8) 3% playoff chances play Tuesday night against Baltimore Ravens. Can lose and still make the playoffs.

** Playoff chances per FiveThirtyEight

NFC playoff picture through Week 13

Minnesota Vikings


  • Record 6-6
  • Division 3-1
  • Conference 4-4
  • Playoff Chances 39%
  • Last Game Jacksonville Jaguars (W)
  • Next Game @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Minnesota Vikings have fought their way back into a playoff spot after starting the season 1-5. They currently control their own destiny but the road ahead is tough as they play Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week. If they pull off the win they will jump to the 6th seed with the head to head over the Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


  • Record 7-5
  • Division 2-2
  • Conference 4-4
  • Playoff Chances 85%
  • Last Game Kansas City Chiefs (L)
  • Next Game Minnesota Vikings

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are coming off a bye week and a disappointing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. They know what is at stake and will look to get back on the right track against the Minnesota Vikings. This game is as close as it gets to playoff football during the regular season.

Seattle Seahawks


  • Record 8-4
  • Division 2-2
  • Conference 6-3
  • Playoff Chances 97%
  • Last Game New York Giants (L)
  • Next Game @New York Jets

Seattle is coming off a surprising loss to the New York Giants who were quarterbacked by Colt McCoy. They have an even easier opponent next week as they take on the last-place New York Jets and likely find their 9th win of the season.

New York Giants


  • Record 5-7
  • Division 3-2
  • Conference 4-6
  • Playoff Chances 54%
  • Last Game Seattle Seahawks (W)
  • Next Game Arizona Cardinals

The Giants are actually looking like a decent football team despite not having Saquan Barkley and their starting quarterback Daniel Jones. They currently hold the lead in the embarrassing NFC East with the Washington Football team right on their tail after a big win over the Pittsburgh Steelers Monday night.

Los Angeles Rams


  • Record 8-4
  • Division 2-2
  • Conference 8-2
  • Playoff Chances 99%
  • Last Game Arizona Cardinals (W)
  • Next Game New England Patriots

The Rams enjoyed a huge division win over the Arizona Cardinals. As a result, that bumped them up two spots and knocked the Cardinals down to the bubble. Therefore, a lot of pressure is on the Rams to win against the Patriots in the NFC West race.

Green Bay Packers


  • Record 9-3
  • Division 3-1
  • Conference 7-2
  • Playoff Chances 99%
  • Last Game Philadelphia Eagles (W)
  • Next Game @ Detroit Lions

The Packers have to win just two of their next four games to lock up the NFC North. (Or the Vikings lose just one game). They do have a legitimate chance to overtake the Saints as the #1 overall seed for the NFC.

New Orleans Saints


  • Record 10-2
  • Division 5-0
  • Conference 7-2
  • Playoff Chances 100%
  • Last Game Atlanta Falcons (W)
  • Next Game @ Philadelphia Eagles

The Saints have been without Drew Brees and are still running the NFC. Taysom Hill has kept their season alive and Drew Brees is expected to return soon. They play the struggling Eagles next who will be looking to keep their small playoff dreams alive.

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