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Complete back workout by Anais Zanotti

Back workouts are among my favorites. Training back was something I neglected for years because you don’t see it in the mirror. I quickly learned that anyone who is taking fitness training seriously needs to be training back as much as any more visible muscle.

Luckily Instagram sensation Anais Zanotti gave us a back workout that you can bookmark for your arsenal.

Why we love this workout

This back workout has six exercises that make sure you get your entire back worked to the max. It is four sets long so you will really be feeling it by the end.

The Workout

*Every exercise in this workout is done for 4 sets.

  1. Cable lat push down (12x)⠀
  2. Cable Row (12x)⠀
  3. Wide grip lat pulldown (10-12x)⠀
  4. Reverse grip lat pull down (10-12x)⠀
  5. Seated supinate grip row (10-12x)⠀⠀
  6. Hammer grip lat pull down (10-12x)⠀

The video

More about Anais Zanotti

Anais Zanotti is a certified personal trainer and weight loss coach powered by the Vegan lifestyle.

On Instagram, Anais has over 500k followers. She helps motivates people to reach their fitness goals. Her Instagram page offers free workouts and health tips. She also coaches people on a more personal level. Her plant-based diet book is phenomenal and I highly recommend checking it out. It has been featured on places like Women’s Fitness and DailyMail.com.

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