CFB Player Profile: Bo Nix, Auburn

QB Box Nix, Auburn

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Pinson, AL (Pinson Valley)
247 RATING: .9857
YEAR: Sophomore

Passing: 2,542 yards (57.6%), 16 touchdowns, 6 interceptions
Rushing: 313 yards (3.2 ypc), 7 touchdowns

Passing: 2,542 yards (57.6%), 16 touchdowns, 6 interceptions
Rushing: 313 yards (3.2 ypc), 7 touchdowns


Bo Nix Breakdown

– Arm strength
– Poise
– Decision making
– Running
– Anticipation
– Touch
– Patience
– Speed

Gus Malzahn found the perfect quarterback for his offense in Bo Nix, and now just need to wait for him to learn from this season. For those concerned the big stage would be too much for the freshman to handle, we saw early on that wasn’t the case. His last second throw to Seth Williams against Oregon gave the Tigers the win in a huge Week 1 matchup. From there, it was just a matter of surviving his first year of SEC action.

Here’s the thing, Nix wasn’t ever going to dominate a game with his arm this year. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an Auburn quarterback as a pass-first option, but Nix could very well be headed that direction. While he doesn’t see too many games in which he throws frequently, he has the arm strength to make them. Throw that in with great poise for a freshman and solid overall decision making, and it would be surprising if Malzahn didn’t let him throw more.

Whether it was on purpose or just being tentative, Nix tended to make a smart decision with the football. He just needs to become more accurate. Ball placement   wasn’t always his strong suit, and that had to do with his lack of anticipation. He often waited for receivers to get open before attempting a pass. Throwing receivers open will be a focus for him in the offseason as well. That comes with more patience in the pocket and more time learning the playbook too.

Nix knows how to run the football effectively too. He’s not the fastest guy, but he’s able to pick up necessary yards to keep the chains moving. If he can add a touch more speed, the offense gets better. If not, he’ll have a hard time being a threat as a runner. Overall, Malzahn saw solid play from his freshman, and even watched glimpses of greatness along the way.

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