Joe Broback’s 2020 College Football Preview

Welcome to my first ever College Football Preview for the 2020 season! I am Joe Broback, and I’m a college football writer for Underdog Dynasty as well as Sports and Fitness Digest. I also have experience producing a podcast along with collaborating with other writers for their sites. College football’s been a passion of mine for years, and my writing has been a way to share my passion with others. After reading college football preview magazines for years, I decided to create my own guide for the college football season. This guide will give you a different spin on your typical preview.

The guide features over 250 player profiles, player rankings, rankings and so much more. It’s jam packed with 338 pages of college football content. While we don’t know if college football will be played in its entirety, this guide will hopefully get you through the summer, and also elevate your excitement for the 2020 season.

Check out my College Football Guide Below:

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*Note: JT Daniels’ transfer has been noted, but is still pending eligibility.

Let me know what you think! What do you agree with and what aspects do we differ? Start a conversation, and I’ll be more than happy to join. If you like what you read, follow me on social media:

Some of my greatest experiences with college football come from interacting with you on social media. Everyone has a different opinion on various topics, and it’s always fun to start a conversation with my followers.

College Football 2020

Everyone has an opinion and it’s always fun to get a conversation going. From Justin Fields versus Trevor Lawrence to who will overthrow Appalachian State in the Sun Belt, I’m all in on anything college football. Alabama’s looking to bounce back after a disappointing season, LSU’s looking to defend its title, and Georgia looks to hold off Florida in the SEC East.

Texas and Michigan are trying to be “back” in the running for the playoff. The NFL Draft featured a number of elite wide receivers and defensive backs, but this year’s group will push them in terms of talent. Memphis won the AAC last year, representing the Group of 5 in the New Year’s Six bowl game against Penn State. They return a ton of talent, but need to hold off two other elite teams within their own conference to repeat that task.

It’s the greatest sport out there, and the 2020 season gives us plenty of excitement. If you enjoy the guide, share it with another football fan. The best part of the sport is that we share our passion and enthusiasm with each other, and it’s what brings us together. I hope I can make this a yearly product for you to enjoy, and you have control over that! Please share it with a friend or anyone else that you think would receive some benefit from reading this guide. Here’s to a great season!

Joe Broback
Joe Broback

Joe Broback is a college football contributor for Sports and Fitness Digest.

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