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Try this creative traditional leg day from Jill Christine

Who doesn’t love a good leg workout? Jill Christine delivered just that on instagram with a leg day that will leave your entire lower body shaking.

Why we love this workout

This workout features some traditional lower body exercises with some creative tweaks that will make it hit different.

The Workout

  1. Barbell Squats (working sets: 4×8)
  2. Leg Press 3×10 (Keeping butt planted on seat!)
  3. Banded Deficit Squats 3×12-15
  4. Seated Leg Curls 3×12 (drop set on the last set, cut weight in half and xAMRAP)
  5. Cable RDLs 3×10
  6. Landmine Donkey Kicks 2×15 (Keep core engaged!)

The video

More about Jill Christine

Jill is a nurse and PEScience sponsored fitness athlete.

She is highly followed on Instagram. People who follow her find her to be an amazing person, very inspirational, fun, and informative. Jill is a true leader in the fitness industry and a great representation of everything that’s actually right in the fitness world. She has been one of my favorite Instagram follows for several years now. Her page is full of beneficial information for all-around wellness and living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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