The NFL needs a league-wide policy on fan attendance

The NFL is facing a major problem this season. As of right now, there are going to be some teams with fans at games and some without any fans at all. They are dealing with so many COVID-19 related challenges this year. This is one that is being overlooked.

Allowing some teams to have fans at games while others are not able, creates a very unfair advantage for those teams who will have fans at their games.

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said some comments to reporters about the issue on Friday. “I think there are some unfair things going on around it as far as some teams can have fans and some teams can’t, so I think there is a competitive disadvantage in some of those areas.”

Teams without any fans will not have much of a home-field advantage at all during their home games. That would be fine but the problem is that other teams will be getting somewhat of a home-field advantage.

Keep in mind that historically the home team in the NFL wins roughly 60 percent of the time.

Many teams have ruled out fans for the season. Some went a different route and are willing to reevaluate later during the season. The Denver Broncos are one of those teams that are playing it by ear.

“It’s disappointing, I watch a lot of sports and it’s just not the same without fans there.” Broncos Head Coach Vic Fangio told reporters. “It isn’t. I’ve always known fans are a big part of pro sports in particular and we’re going to miss our fans. They give us a great boost and advantage at home and we love playing in front of them and there’s a love affair between the fans and players and team Hopefully at some point here, we can keep doing the job with COVID(-19) that we’re doing in the NFL and eventually get some fans in there.”

The NFL season starts in 19 days. Here is a snapshot of teams allowing fans at games.

  • Undecided: 9
  • Limited fans: 9
  • No fans this season: 6
  • No fans/Willing to reevaluate: 3
  • No fans for 1st game: 2
  • No fans first 2 games: 2
  • No fans first 3 games: 1

Where does every NFL team stand as of right now?

Arizona Cardinals: Undecided

Atlanta Falcons: No fans this season.

Baltimore Ravens: Limiting to 14,000 fans.

Buffalo Bills: No fans this season.

Carolina Panthers: Undecided.

Chicago Bears: No fans this season. Willing to reevaluate.

Cincinnati Bengals: Limited fans this season.

Cleveland Browns: Undecided.

Dallas Cowboys: Limited fans this season. (The Cowboys may have lost Gerald McCoy for the season. Jerry Jones won’t let them lose fans too if he can help it.)

Denver Broncos: No fans this season. Willing to reevaluate.

Detroit Lions: No fans this season. Willing to reevaluate.

Green Bay Packers: No fans for the first 2 games of the season then will reevaluate.

Houston Texans: No fans for the first game of the season then will reevaluate.

Indianapolis Colts: Limited fans this season.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Limited fans this season.

Kansas City Chiefs: Limited fans this season

Los Angeles Chargers: Limited or no fans this season.

Los Angeles Rams: Limited or no fans this season.

Las Vegas Raiders: No fans this season.

Miami Dolphins: Undecided.

Minnesota Vikings: Undecided.

New England Patriots: Limited fans this season.

New Orleans Saints: No fans for the first game of the season then will reevaluate.

New York Giants: No fans this season.

New York Jets: No fans this season.

Philadelphia Eagles: Undecided.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Undecided

San Francisco 49ers: Undecided

Seattle Seahawks: No fans for the first 3 games of the season then will reevaluate.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Undecided

Tennessee Titans: No fans for the first 2 games of the season then will reevaluate.

Washington Football Team: No fans this season.

Dominique Clare
Dominique Clare

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