Report: 49ers interested in Kirk Cousins

The San Francisco 49ers have interest in trading for Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins per reports. Just yesterday, NFL insider Mike Garafolo said that the San Francisco 49ers were likely to stick with Jimmy Garoppolo for the 2021 NFL season. While these are conflicting reports, it makes sense why the earlier report might have leaked prior to the latter.

The NFL is a business and everything released publicly is usually strategic. After all, every single team is competing for the same Vince Lombardi trophy. The reports yesterday could have been a way to show how much confidence the 49ers have in Garoppolo to boost his trade value. Remember when the Minnesota Vikings made it clear they were not trading Stefon Diggs? Yeah, that was right before they traded away Stefon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills. Rumors bring offers, and sometimes a team can’t refuse.

Why Kirk Cousins?

It is no secret that 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is a big Kirk Cousins fan. The two spent time together when Shanahan was the offensive coordinator for the Washington Football Team. Shanahan has sung some high praises for Cousins over the years.

“I liked how efficient he was coming out of college watching him on film, and then being with him for years and seeing firsthand how talented he was as a thrower,” Shanahan said before their playoff matchup last season. “I also saw how his mind worked and how he worked at it. He understood everything that was happening whether it was good or bad, and always tried to learn from things.”

Shanahan wasn’t with The Washington Football Team when Cousins became a full-time starter but he did play a role in helping develop and groom Cousins during his first two seasons in the NFL. That is when the relationship was formed.

“I think he has been the same. Every time he has gotten more opportunities, he has gotten better,” Shanahan said. “When he has had bad games, he has always learned from them and come back and responded well. He has been given the right opportunity in Minnesota and, whenever he has been given an opportunity, he has shown people he’s one of the best quarterbacks in this league.”

Shanahan has been consistent with his view that Kirk Cousins is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. We will see if that is enough for him to make a move for one of his favorite quarterbacks.

What would a Kirk Cousins trade look like?

There is zero indication that the Vikings have any interest in dealing Cousins away. But if this report is true, there are a few things that might make the Vikings consider moving Cousins.

A trade featuring a QB swap between Garopollo and Cousins with a couple of draft picks going to Minnesota might be enough to make the Vikings bite. Being that the Detroit Lions got such a big haul for Matthew Stafford, Minnesota has to at least be curious what Kirk Cousins is worth.

The Vikings could end up feeling that Garopollo is good enough for now. Pair that with assets to better position themselves for the future. Maybe even make a run in the meantime being that Garoppolo was just in the Super Bowl one year ago. It isn’t a bad trade idea and could work out for both teams short and long term.

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