Phoenix Suns look to close out series against Clippers

The Phoenix Suns have an opportunity to advance to the 2021-22 NBA Finals tonight. They will have to beat the Los Angeles Clippers who are coming off a big win after an amazing performance by Paul George. George put up 41 points as he refused to let the Clippers’ season come to an end.

The Clippers are playing without Kawhi Leonard who is ruled out of game 6. There is a possibility he could return for a game 7. Skip Bayless reported that Leonard is frustrated with the Clippers’ medical staff.

Leonard is hoping the Clippers can give him a little more time so he can play for another championship.

I have been told by a very good source that the first issue became Kawhi was unhappy with the Clippers medical staff, because he felt that they, early on, misdiagnosed and underplayed the extent of this knee injury. I was also told, as I told you from day one when this happened, he’s gone. He’s going to need some type of surgery. I’m not sure exactly what the extent of it is. But he’s going to need surgery. So, he’s out for the rest of the playoffs.

Skip Bayless FS1

While Kawhi hasn’t been officially ruled out of the playoffs this is something that the Phoenix Suns will look to take advantage of as Chris Paul and company seek an NBA championship.

Can Demarcus Cousins provide a spark?

The Clippers have received some short but amazing minutes from Demarcus Cousins. Last game he finished with 15 points in just 11 minutes. In game 2, Cousins scored 11 points in 13 minutes. With everything on the line, you cant rule anything out.

Game 6 between the Suns and Clippers tips off tonight at 8pm CST on ESPN. The Clippers are the home team. If a game 7 is forced they will have to go on the road for a chance to advance to the NBA Championship.

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