NFL updates Covid-19 protocols, cutting isolation period

The NFL has updated its Covid-19 protocols regarding the isolation period after a player test positive for the virus. They came to this agreement with the NFLPA after the CDC updated its guidelines on isolation periods.

The main takeaway for the NFL is that the isolation period is now cut in half for all players. The NFL previously had different rules based on a player’s vaccination status. They allowed vaccinated players to test out of protocols while unvaccinated players did not receive that option. The NFL pushed hard to get the entire league vaccinated before the season started so they doubled down on their individual protocols to match those efforts.

After this update from the CDC, they are now treating all players equally in regards to the isolation period.

According to reporter Tom Peliserro, the new rules are as followed.

An individual to clear protocol must meet other qualifications beyond the five days since their initial positive test, per a memo to all 32 teams obtained by Pelissero. An individual must clear at least 24 hours since their last fever without the aide of fever-reducing medication; other symptoms must be “resolved or improved”; individual must be cleared by team doctor in consultation with ICS and NFL; and any local regulations or requirements have been satisfied.

Once cleared all individuals must wear a mask for five days after returning except when participating in practice or a game.

This is great news for NFL clubs who have been spread thin the last several weeks due to players out on covid-19 protocols. With the playoffs on the horizon, there is a big possibility that a player testing positive for covid-19 could miss an important regular season or playoff game. This update makes a positive test not an automatic 10-day sentence for non-vaccinated players.

The NFL and NFLPA will continue to monitor the situation as the Super Bowl approaches.

Dominique Clare
Dominique Clare

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