NFL rushing statistics: 2019 regular season

Here is a table showing all of the NFL rushing statistics from the 2019 NFL season. There were a lot of great performances during the season. 16 players accumulated over 1000 rushing yards on the season with one of those players being a quarterback.

2019 NFL rushing leaders and stats

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PlayerAttYdsTds1st DsAvgAvg/gmFumblesGamesAgePosTm
Derrick Henry303154016735.1102.751525RBTEN
Nick Chubb2981494862593.431624RBCLE
Christian McCaffrey287138715574.886.711623RBCAR
Ezekiel Elliott301135712784.584.831624RBDAL
Chris Carson27812307754.48271525RBSEA
Lamar Jackson17612067716.980.491522QBBAL
Leonard Fournette26511523554.376.811524RBJAX
Josh Jacobs24211507534.888.511321RBOAK
Joe Mixon27811375564.171.101623RBCIN
Dalvin Cook250113513604.581.141424RBMIN
Marlon Mack24710918674.477.901423RBIND
Aaron Jones236108416554.667.831625RBGNB
Carlos Hyde24510706554.466.941629RBHOU
Mark Ingram20210181053567.921530RBBAL
Phillip Lindsay22410117384.563.201625RBDEN
Saquon Barkley21710036454.677.211322RBNYG
Sony Michel2479127553.75721624RBNWE
Adrian Peterson2118985414.359.931534RBWAS
David Montgomery2428896503.755.621622RBCHI
Todd Gurley22385712513.857.131525RBLAR
Miles Sanders1798183304.651.121622RBPHI
Kenyan Drake1708178484.858.421425RBARI/MIA
Alvin Kamara1717975324.756.941424RBNOR
Le'Veon Bell2457893363.252.611527RBNYJ
Devin Singletary1517752375.164.641222RBBUF
Raheem Mostert1377728315.648.321627RBSFO
Ronald Jones1727246344.245.331622RBTAM
Gus Edwards1337112465.344.421624RBBAL
Devonta Freeman1846562313.646.931427RBATL
Latavius Murray1466375384.439.801629RBNOR
Matt Breida1236231235.147.921324RBSFO
Melvin Gordon1626128393.85141226RBLAC
Frank Gore1665992303.637.401636RBBUF
Austin Ekeler1325573324.234.831624RBLAC
Tevin Coleman137544626438.901426RBSFO
Kyler Murray935444275.83451622QBARI
Jordan Howard1195256284.452.501025RBPHI
Josh Allen1095109424.731.9141623QBBUF
Damien Williams1114985224.545.311127RBKAN
Royce Freeman1324963223.83101623RBDEN
Peyton Barber1544706233.129.411625RBTAM
LeSean McCoy1014654244.635.831331RBKAN
James Conner116464426446.411024RBPIT
Alexander Mattison1004621194.635.511321RBMIN
Jamaal Williams1074601234.332.901424RBGNB
Tony Pollard864552215.330.311522RBDAL
Benny Snell1084262193.932.811321RBPIT
Deshaun Watson82413729527.5101524QBHOU
Duke Johnson834102174.925.611626RBHOU
Kerryon Johnson1134033223.650.41822RBDET

2019 NFL rushing advanced statistics

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PlayerLong20+ YdFantasy PtsYds before contactYds after contactBrkn tcklsGamesAgePosTm
Derrick Henry749277572968291525RBTEN
Nick Chubb8811219612882321624RBCLE
Christian McCaffrey846355874513161623RBCAR
Ezekiel Elliott334258678679241624RBDAL
Chris Carson598196496734281525RBSEA
Lamar Jackson471141686733931522QBBAL
Leonard Fournette817183360792161524RBJAX
Josh Jacobs518172467683261321RBOAK
Joe Mixon416190492645241623RBCIN
Dalvin Cook757239539596201424RBMIN
Marlon Mack639167591500121423RBIND
Aaron Jones565266569515321625RBGNB
Carlos Hyde588143525545221629RBHOU
Mark Ingram536217494524181530RBBAL
Phillip Lindsay407163603408291625RBDEN
Saquon Barkley688192398605161322RBNYG
Sony Michel263141521391161624RBNWE
Adrian Peterson32613037452471534RBWAS
David Montgomery553145496393281622RBCHI
Todd Gurley255188483374211525RBLAR
Miles Sanders655169445373161622RBPHI
Kenyan Drake804164479338121425RBARI/MIA
Alvin Kamara405168396401291424RBNOR
Le'Veon Bell190149287502161527RBNYJ
Devin Singletary387119413362201222RBBUF
Raheem Mostert413151475297121627RBSFO
Ronald Jones496135309415231622RBTAM
Gus Edwards6358633537671624RBBAL
Devonta Freeman283139363293111427RBATL
Latavius Murray303123390247111629RBNOR
Matt Breida8348440222181324RBSFO
Melvin Gordon24213931230081226RBLAC
Frank Gore41482260339101636RBBUF
Austin Ekeler354217233324121624RBLAC
Tevin Coleman48428535419051426RBSFO
Kyler Murray3571144459941622QBARI
Jordan Howard20110124328241025RBPHI
Josh Allen36128926724351623QBBUF
Damien Williams912111141357151127RBKAN
Royce Freeman2619924425281623RBDEN
Peyton Barber17010120426681625RBTAM
LeSean McCoy3949126520051331RBKAN
James Conner25211219926551024RBPIT
Alexander Mattison35458267195111321RBMIN
Jamaal Williams45110727019051424RBGNB
Tony Pollard44474146309101522RBDAL
Benny Snell2335512530171321RBPIT
Deshaun Watson3023203516231524QBHOU
Duke Johnson40311017523581626RBHOU
Kerryon Johnson201751772268822RBDET

2019 NFL rushing statistics fun facts

  • There were almost twice as many 1000 yard rushers in 2019 (16) than in 2018 (9).
  • Four quarterbacks made the top 50 for rushing yards.
    • Jackson, Murray, Allen, Watson
  • Seven players had 10 or more rushing touchdowns
    • Henry, Jones, McCaffrey, Cook, Elliot, Gurley, Ingram
  • Eleven players averaged 5 yards per rush or more
    • Jackson, Murray, Mostert, Edwards, Pollard, Henry, Singletary, Breida, Ingram, Chubb, Watson
  • Lamar Jackson tied for most 20 plus yard runs with Nick Chubb as a quarterback
  • Lamar Jackson was the highest-graded rusher in the NFL per PFF
  • Almost 20 percent of Damien Williams’s rushing total came from one run which was the longest run of the season at 91 yards.
  • Lamar Jackson’s average per attempt was more than 1 yard over the next closest player.
  • Adrian Peterson and Frank Gore are still going strong at 34 and 36 years old respectively.
  • While Ezekiel Elliot finished 4th in 2019 in rushing yards, he leads all rushers since 2017 with 3774 total rushing yards

Despite all the accomplishments in the running game a lot of analytics still suggest that running backs still are not as important as they used to be. Many of the teams with top-performing running backs did not make the playoffs. Teams that pay running backs big money tend to regress from that point.

It will be interesting to see if this trend continues. I think running will become much more important. Eventually, linebackers will be smaller and it will be tougher for them to defend the run. At that point, we will see the resurgence of running back importance.

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