Miami Dolphins defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers on SNF

The Miami Dolphins clawed back above .500 after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night. This game could have gone either way for most of it, but the Dolphins did just enough to secure the win. This was a needed win for the Dolphins who are coming off a 16-24 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

The Dolphins looked like they were going to run away with it early, taking a 13-0 lead in the first quarter. Steelers answered back making it 16-10 heading into the half.

Miami was happy to have Tua Tagovailoa back as starting quarterback. Tua was out after a very serious hit to the head. Based on the way Tua played, you wouldn’t have thought he suffered a serious head injury just weeks ago. Below you can see him finishing runs hard and putting himself right back in harm’s way.

For NFL fans who like offense, the second half was one to avoid. The rest of the game featured no points.

The Steelers are still rolling with rookie Kenny Pickett. Despite the loss, he put together a decent game that will be remembered by some unfortunate turnovers. Head coach Mike Tomlin was hoping that his defense put his offense in better chances for success during the game.

Defensive splashes are ultimately the deciding factor. We didn’t give our offense a short field by providing a turnover or two.

Mike Tomlin in press conference after 16-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins

Pickett had a chance to win the game for the Steelers at the end of the game. He ended up underthrowing a pass to the endzone that was intercepted by the defense. While the loss hurts this game was a great learning experience for Pickett. He showed some flashes of what he can provide throughout the game.

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