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Grow your Glutes with this workout by Mandy Kay

Here is a glutes workout you are going to love and also secretly hate (but that is a good thing). You will love it when it is completed and hate it while you are doing it. This workout is absolutely loaded and should be added to your arsenal of workouts ASAP.

Glutes are very important for lower body strength. They are a team of three muscles called the gluteus maximusgluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. An easy way to sum up those muscles is that they are ultimately the muscles that make up the shape of your butt. They are used anytime you raise your thigh to the side, thrust your hips forward, or rotate your legs.

Mandy Kay developed a large following on Instagram and is well known for helping people grow their glutes. This workout by Mandy will help you do just that.

Why we love this workout

This glute focused workout is loaded with 8 exercises. This is not an easy workout. It is a combination that will get you results when used regularly. All of these exercises can be made more challenging as you progress and ultimately grow your glutes while increasing important strength.

We recommend a standard 8-12 reps for each set and a total of 2-3 sets. Feel free to adjust based on the desired difficulty for your workout plan.

The Glutes Workout

1. Banded Clam Shells

Glutes Banded Clam Shells performed by instagram fitness influencer Mandy Kay
Mandy Kay @mandy.kfit performing Banded Clam Shells for a workout.

2. Banded Frog Pumps

Glutes Banded Frog Pumps
Mandy Kay @mandy.kfit performing Banded Frog Pumps for a workout.

3. Glute Hamstring Raises

glute hamsting raises
Mandy Kay @mandy.kfit performing Glute Hamstring Raises for a workout.

4.Barbell Russian Deadlifts

Barbell Russian Deadlifts glutes workout
Mandy Kay @mandy.kfit performing Barbell Russian Deadlifts for a workout.

5. Hyper Extensions

Hyper Extensions glutes workout
Mandy Kay @mandy.kfit performing Hyper Extensions for a workout.

6. Dumbbell Semi Stiff Leg Deadlifts

dumbbell stiff leg deadlifts
Mandy Kay @mandy.kfit performing Semi Stiff Leg Deadlifts for a workout.

7. Barbell B Stance Hip Thrusts

Barbell B Stance Hip Thrusts glutes workout
Mandy Kay @mandy.kfit performing Barbell B Stance Hip Thrusts for a workout.

8. Cable Glute Kickbacks

Cable Glute Kickbacks glutes workout
Mandy Kay @mandy.kfit performing Cable Glute Kickbacks for a workout.

More about Mandy Kay

Mandy Kay is a popular Instagram (@mandy.kfit) influencer who specializes in empowering women to feel confident and beautiful. She has built a following of over 100,000 on IG by providing amazing value to people who use Instagram for fitness, fashion, and lifestyle.

“I am a thirty-five-year-old mom and wife.  I have four children, two boys and two girls.” Wrote Mandy on her website Mandy-Kay.com. “My oldest is sixteen and my youngest is in the terrible three’s stage.  The two in the middle are nine and ten! We have one fur baby named Marcello.  He is a Maltese-Poodle mix. To say I have a busy life would be an understatement.  I love every minute of it!”

I was born and raised in a small town in Texas but grew into a complete city girl. I am such a people person and would instantly become your friend if we met in person.  I LOVE anything fashion and fitness related. I also love sharing my creativity and passion for presentation.

For more killer glute workouts like this be sure to follow Mandy on Instagram.

Mandy Kay performing workout on Instagram

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