Dwayne Johnson’s “The Titan Games” Heat Up

If you are missing competitive sports I have the fix for you. The NBA and NFL are right around the corner but this is happening right now. It’s an exciting show called The Titan Games on NBC that is created and hosted by Dwayne Johnson.

The Titan Games gives everyday people a chance to compete in head to head challenges that they promise will test their mind, body, and heart.

As a traditional sports fan, this show is very entertaining. It is easy to get into and the show did a wonderful job picking contestants that keep it interesting. Many athletes have an amazing backstory that is worth watching by itself. And let’s not forget that I mentioned Dwayne Johnson is the host.

Here are some clips from the most recent episode

In this first video clip, Dwayne Johnson watches Andrew Hanus and Ryan Steenberg fight to stay in the games as they compete on Herculean Pull.

In the video below, reigning Titan Haley Johnson takes on newcomer Dasha Kuret in the battle for Mount Olympus as Dwayne Johnson awaits a victor.


As you can see in these clips, this show is intense and hard to stop watching. It brings sports and fitness together and that is music to my ears as an enthusiast of both.

The Titan Games airs monday nights on NBC at 7 p.m. central.

Dominique Clare
Dominique Clare

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