Derek Carr is willing to buy Davante Adams a car to team up

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is working all his magic to recruit wide receiver Davante Adams from the Green Bay Packers. The two played together at Fresno State during the 2012 and 2013 college football seasons. Those were Carr’s junior and season seasons and Adam’s freshman and sophomore seasons.

It’s easy to understand why Carr wants Adams outside of the college connection. Since entering the NFL in 2014, Adams has been a top receiver in the NFL and primary target for Aaron Rodgers. He was crucial in Aaron Rodgers winning his third MVP award last season.

During Carr’s senior season, he threw the ball for 5,083 yards. 1,719 of them went to his star receiver, Davante Adams. This amazing performance helped Carr finish 8th in Heisman voting in 2013. Jameis Winston out of Florida State (now New Orleans Saints) ended up winning the Heisman that year.

Recently on the Cris Collinsworth Podcast, Derek Carr talked about how he wants to play in the NFL with Adams. He revealed some of the tactics he might be willing to go to in order to make that happen.

Davante, he’s one of my best friends. I’m gonna offer him whatever I gotta offer. I’ll buy him a car, whatever I’ve got to do I’ll offer that man. I know he would fit in great with the receivers we have here. He would fit so well in that room. I’m allowed to say those things. Our organization isn’t, but I’m going to say it. He’s my best friend, I think he’s one of the best — he’s the best receiver in the NFL.

Derek Carr on the Chris Collinsworth Podcast

Right now leaving Green Bay might be a good move for Adams. They are in a little bit of a mess with the Aaron Rodgers situation. Adams might be looking at playing with an unknown quarterback in second-year QB Jordan Love. Carr understands that Adams is going to give his all to the Packers until it’s over. He respects that but isn’t going to stop his recruiting efforts.

He’s focused on being a Packer, and I know that because I see how he works. I know how he works, and I know how much it means to him. He’s focused on that, and I’m focused on trying to get to the Super Bowl, win the Super Bowl, hopefully, he’s in it so I can beat his butt too. That’s the plan, then recruit him over to the dark side.

Derek Carr on the Chris Collinsworth Podcast

Isn’t this tampering?

Per the NFL Anti Tampering Policy, officials of the team are not allowed to tamper with a player that is currently under contract such as Davante Adams. That does not actually include the players. So Carr has every right to try to convince his former teammate to join him in Las Vegas as Carr tries to build the Raiders into a Super Bowl contender.

Last season Carr finished with 4,103 passing yards and was slightly above average in most quarterback statistics. Having someone like Adams would help him take his game to the next level.

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