College Football Playoff looking to expand to 12 teams

The College Football Playoff is looking to expand from four to twelve teams. This early report came from Yahoo Sports as an expansion was discussed with CFP (College Football Playoff) executives. Playoff Expansion has been a heavy topic of discussion for the last several years.

CFP executives are meeting next month to get a more clear picture of what exactly this could look like and a more specific timeline.

While a 12 team playoff is currently being discussed, a 24 team playoff is still on the table. This would ensure that teams with a couple of losses are still alive at the end of the season.

A CFP source told yahoo sports the following:

“You’d have half of FBS that would still be alive in November for those slots. We’re not going to 24, but theoretically, that’s what I think we can accomplish with this.”

The current college football playoff consists of only four teams. Opponents of that argue that four isn’t enough teams and for good reason. There are currently 5 power conferences in the FBS (Big 10, Big 12, SEC, ACC, Pac 12) and only four spots in the playoffs.

The idea of leaving out a team from one of the power 5 conferences doesn’t sit well with many college football fans. Additionally, conference representatives from non-power 5 conferences are pushing for automatic bids to make the system more competitive.

“To me that’s a non-starter,” said MAC commissioner Jon Steinbrecher. “If a guaranteed spot is not there, why are we doing it? We’ve set up a rather anti-competitive system.”

CFP executives are taking note and are looking at a system that will make sure all major conferences.

Division 1 FCS has successfully had a 24 team playoff since 2013. The CFP executives have a great blueprint to copy that has the ability to give college football fans what they want.

No changes are expected to be made until the 2023 College Football season.

Dominique Clare
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