CFB Player Profile: WR Garrett Wilson, Ohio State

WR Garrett Wilson, Ohio State

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Austin, TX (Lake Travis)
247 RATING: .9903
YEAR: Sophomore

Receiving: 30 catches, 432  yards (14.4 ypc), 5 touchdowns

Receiving: 30 catches, 432  yards (14.4 ypc), 5 touchdowns


Garrett Wilson Breakdown

The college football world was introduced to Garrett Wilson early in his time at  Columbus. His catch against Clemson in the College Football Playoff exemplified his greatest strengths, and dominated the conversation on social media. After just one year with the Buckeyes, the sky is the limit for Wilson, and he has the potential to be the best Ohio State receiver ever.

Let’s start with the athleticism. Wilson came to Columbus with a natural ability to win jump balls. Creating more separation could be something he focuses on this offseason. He’s more than capable of making big plays even with a man sticking to him. All Justin Fields needs to do is throw the ball in his general direction, and there’s a good chance that Wilson will come down with it. His ability to adjust to the football gives him a better chance of catching it, and it could be argued that he has the biggest catch radius in all of college football. His natural bounce and ability to contort his body in awkward positions make him tough to cover even with perfect coverage.

After one year with wide receivers coach Brian Hartline, we’ve already seen that coaching yield dividends in the technical side of Wilson’s game. He’s tough to get hands on at the line of scrimmage thanks to his quick feet at the snap, which typically results in a clean release. From there, he’ll need to work on his routes. At times, he loses speed when he needs to change directions. That can help a defensive back make up any lost ground from the release. That comes with practice, and will make him even more of a nightmare to cover.

Garrett Wilson can become a trend at any moment during a game with his natural athleticism, and he’s already taking steps to become a more complete receiver. With the competition behind him, working on the technical aspects of his game will give him the separation he needs to be a top receiver on his team and in the country. For now, Sports Center better get ready for more highlight reel plays.

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