CFB Player Profile: Trevor Lawrence, Clemson

QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Cartersville, GA (Cartersville)
247 RATING: .9999
YEAR: Junior

Passing: 6,945 yards (65.5%), 66 touchdowns, 12 interceptions
Rushing: 740 yards (4.5 ypc), 10 touchdowns

Passing: 3,665 yards (65.8%), 36 touchdowns, 8 interceptions
Rushing: 563 yards (5.5 ypc), 9 touchdowns


Trevor Lawrence Breakdown

– Arm strength
– Touch
– Decent runner
– Ball placement
– Deep passes
– Pressure
– Durability
– Four new linemen

Believe it or not, Trevor Lawrence’s back is against the wall. At least as much as it can be for him. A slow start to the 2019 season and a loss against LSU in the national championship game increased the doubt surrounding the Clemson Tigers’ quarterback. It’s uncharted territory for the junior from Cartersville, but it’s a new challenge that Lawrence already embraces.

The opinions stating Lawrence is a bust are ridiculous, and anyone who truly watches him play knows that. His arm is his biggest asset, but he also added his legs to the equation last year. His long touchdown run against Ohio State in the College Football Playoff semifinal showcased his speed. As if teams didn’t have enough to worry about, he adds that to his game on top of an arm that’s easily the best in all of college football.

Simply put, there’s not a throw that Trevor Lawrence can’t make. Deep balls, out routes to the opposite hash, short screens, he can make them all. He’s able to throw the ball with speed but also can add touch as well. His ball placement is incredible as well. He knows when he needs to zip a ball in a tight window, but also can loft it over the top of a defense to his guy who’s covered. His receivers rarely have to make tough catches because he puts the ball right where they want it to help keep them running at top speed.

Trevor Lawrence returns as the best quarterback in college football, and his game continues to evolve with his running ability. He’s the best quarterback Clemson’s ever had, and he’ll give the Tigers another shot at a national championship. Fans and scouts alike tabbed him as a potential first round pick in the NFL Draft, and he just needs to get through this year healthy to receive that attention again. Only this time he’ll be labeled as the top pick overall. With the arm talent he has, it’s tough to say otherwise.

Joe Broback
Joe Broback

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