CFB Player Profile: TE Nick Eubanks, Michigan

TE Nick Eubanks, Michigan

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Plantation, FL (American Heritage)
247 RATING: .8893
YEAR: Senior

Receiving: 35 catches, 461 yards (13.2 ypc), 5 touchdowns

Receiving: 25 catches, 243 yards (9.7 ypc), 4 touchdowns


Nick Eubanks Breakdown

Getting on the list of Jim Harbaugh’s favorites will get you places in the Michigan Wolverines program, and Nick Eubanks is one of the select few that’s on the list. He has freedom within offensive coordinator Josh Gattis’ system, and he’ll find ways to make plays and give defensive coordinators plenty to worry about in 2020.

It’s tough to judge a player’s abilities when he doesn’t have many opportunities to make plays. Eubanks only caught 26 passes last year, but not all of that is on him. With the number of receivers that can make plays in the Wolverines offense, there are only so many touches for everyone. Even if he can’t get his hands on the football, Eubanks found a way to see the field and make an impact without touching the ball.

Michigan will be a physical football team, especially running the ball. Eubanks knows that and he’s willing to stick his nose into a defender and send a message. He’s a powerful player capable of moving linebackers out of gaps, and powerful enough to knock defensive backs down. He’s so strong in his upper and lower body, so he can compete against defensive lineman as well. He can translate that into his route running and catching the football, but he’ll also needs to work on other things.

Separation isn’t seen much from him, which limits the opportunities he’ll see. Even with the struggles at quarterback, there weren’t many passes thrown his way that were jump balls. He’s shown that he can get off the line quickly and catch the ball naturally, but he’ll need to find ways to create more separation through his routes and quickness.

Nick Eubanks is a guy that the coaching staff loves, and his physicality justifies that appreciation. With the talented pass catchers on the roster, it will be tough for him to see the ball, but he should get more touches than last year.

Joe Broback
Joe Broback

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