CFB Player Profile: TE Kyle Pitts, Florida

TE Kyle Pitts, Florida

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Philadelphia, PA (Archbishop Wood)
247 RATING: .9334
YEAR: Junior

Receiving: 57 catches, 722 yards (12.7 ypc), 6 touchdowns

Receiving: 54 catches, 649 yards (12.0 ypc), 5 touchdowns


Kyle Pitts Breakdown

Believe it or not, Kyle Pitts returns as quarterback Kyle Trask’s number one target in 2019. He received attention from NFL scouts after his breakout season, and now can add to an already impressive resume.

While he’s listed as a tight end, Pitts brings qualities of a wide receiver. He’s a smooth runner who can eat up a cushion that a linebacker or defensive back might have on him. Once he reaches that point, it’s tough for that defender to do anything to stop him from catching the ball. Pitts has the hands of a wide receiver, so any sort of contact or attempt to swat the ball out of his hands will be a difficult task given his strength. At his size, he also brings a great catch radius to make tough catches outside of his frame. Once he catches the ball, it’s tough to take him down.

Pitts is extremely athletic catching the football, but he can focus on the technical side of his game to help him even more. He doesn’t run the best routes or make the sharpest cuts, but putting a focus on that part of his game only creates more room for him to make plays. He’s already the leading returning receiver, and he can give NFL scouts more to gush over if he can add a focus on the details.

When it comes to blocking, Pitts isn’t much of a factor. He’s not the most physical player on the field, and any player bigger than him presents a tough challenge. His hip drive could be better, and that’s important especially when facing a defender who’s bigger than him.

Kyle Pitts brings athleticism to the Florida Gators offense, and returns as a leader. He gives Trask extra room for risk because he can make tough catches with his length. Once he gets the ball in his hands, teams have to worry about taking down a big man who can also run away from them.

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