CFB Player Profile: TE Hunter Long, Boston College

TE Hunter Long, Boston College

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Exeter, NH (Deerfield Academy)
247 RATING: .8191
YEAR: Junior

Receiving: 32 catches, 612 yards (19.1 ypc), 4 touchdowns

Receiving: 28 catches, 509 yards (18.2 ypc), 2 touchdowns


Hunter Long Breakdown

Steve Addazio had a certain way he liked to run his offense, with extra linemen and multiple tight ends in rotation. Running the football was Plan A, B and C, with passing the football seemingly an afterthought at times. Hunter Long didn’t get many opportunities to make plays, but he made the most of those limited chances. With a new coaching staff coming to campus, it seems that he’ll get more looks in the passing game.

Long’s a great option in the passing game, which makes it even more confusing that he wasn’t utilized more. He doesn’t get knocked off of his path running routes, and that strength also carries into his hands in contested situations. His size also helps him win in those instances, and it’s tough for linebackers to impact him on his routes. That physicality helps him when he can’t create separation, which he doesn’t do often. He can get going vertically in a hurry, but he doesn’t have the  lateral quickness to get away from the guy covering him. With more opportunities to catch the football, he’ll learn how to adjust to passes that aren’t the most accurate which he isn’t the best at doing.

In terms of blocking, there’s a lot to like about his game. His hip drive puts him in great positions to gain leverage on the man lined up across from him, and gives him the ability to control his defender. In Boston College’s scheme last year, he needed to block first before getting a chance to catch the ball. Now, he’ll get opportunities to catch the ball more, but he will still be utilized as a blocker.

At 18.2 yards per catch, Hunter Long might have been the most underutilized   player in college football. A new coaching staff means a fresh start for everyone, and Long can show the coaches that he’s a threat in multiple ways. He’s still developing as a pass catcher, but he’s more than capable of improving in that area. He’s already an impact player as blocker, but there’s a side of his game that remains untapped potential.

Joe Broback
Joe Broback

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