CFB Player Profile: Sam Ehlinger, Texas

QB Sam Ehlinger, Texas

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Austin, TX (Westlake)
247 RATING: .9446
YEAR: Senior

Passing: 8,870 yards (63.2%), 68 touchdowns, 22 interceptions
Rushing: 1,526 yards (3.5 ypc), 25 touchdowns

Passing: 3,663 yards (65.2%), 32 touchdowns, 10 interceptions
Rushing: 663 yards (4.1 ypc), 7 touchdowns


Sam Ehlinger Breakdown

– Mobile
– Bruiser
– Patience
– Arm strength
– Smart
– Ball placement
– Elusiveness
– Pocket presence
– Internal clock

A lifelong Texas Longhorns fan, Sam Ehlinger was destined to play college ball in Austin. Comparisons to Tim Tebow’s playing style led the way early in his career, but he’s evolved his game into something better. Expectations are always high when you don the burnt orange, and Ehlinger also faces higher expectations for the 2020 season.

The Tebow comparisons followed Ehlinger when he first arrived on campus. A bruising runner who was okay throwing made it difficult to shake the similarities with the former Florida Gator, but he made an effort to improve his passing, and now those comparisons need to be left behind. The running ability is still there, but teams now must worry about getting beat with his arm too.

Ehlinger can have great velocity and arm strength on his passes as long has he uses good mechanics. While he used to be fairly limited on the throws he could make, his development as a passer opened up any pass to his arsenal. His ball placement can still use work, but he can put a ball over the top of a defense and fit it into a small window. That’s as long as pressure doesn’t get to him. His internal clock seems a bit slow, and at times doesn’t seem aware of the pocket closing in on him. It’s night and day between what Ehlinger as a passer used to be and now, and there’s plenty of confidence that he’ll continue to improve.

Make no mistake, Ehlinger’s still just as good as a runner as he was when he came to Austin. While his rushing touchdowns decreased, Ehlinger averaged 4.1 yards on one fewer carry. He’s not a burner, but tackling him will most likely result in the defender on the ground and in some pain. He’s a tough dual threat, who’s patient as a runner and a passer.

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