CFB Player Profile: RB Rakeem Boyd, Arkansas

RB Rakeem Boyd, Arkansas

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HEIGHT: 5-11
HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Houston, TX (Stratford)
247 RATING: .8467
YEAR: Senior

Rushing: 307 rushes, 1,867 yards (6.1 ypc), 10 touchdowns
Receiving: 42 catches, 325 yards (7.7 ypc)

Rushing: 184 rushes, 1,133 yards (6.2 ypc), 8 touchdowns
Receiving: 19 catches, 160 yards (8.4 ypc)


Rakeem Boyd Brekdown

When a new player comes to campus, fans typically don’t know who they are or what kind of player they’ll be. For Arkansas Razorbacks fans, they were fortunate enough to get a different experience thanks to Netflix. Rakeem Boyd came to campus after appearing on the hit show “Last Chance U”, and fans could see his personality and play in the spotlight.

His return to school provided some excitement for the 2020 season, and gives the new coaching staff a star player they can rely upon to get things going. With the inconsistencies in the offensive line, his 6.2 yards per carry looks even more   astonishing. How did he do it? His ability to find openings. At times, there wasn’t much room to break through to the second and third levels, but he found a way to get there anyways. Once he broke through, his breakaway speed took over from there.

Inside or outside, Boyd can make plays anywhere on the field. That speed and quickness makes him a threat anytime he runs the football. He is quick to get vertical, but he is not afraid to adjust his path and bounce it outside if needed. At 200 pounds, he can deliver blows to any tackler in his path, but he must be ready for them. If he is not the attacker running, he will go down. Same with pass protection. He catches pretty much everything when blocking, and he would be better off running a route. Boyd has the talent to be a great back, which we have seen, but it comes down to consistency.

Rakeem Boyd will be in the NFL, but he needs to elevate his game in big games. While there are issues up front, great players find a way to be successful. A total of 122 yards on 38 carries against LSU, Alabama, and Auburn won’t do much for NFL scouts. Body’s a great player capable of taking over a game, and he has the speed to gash any defense.

Joe Broback
Joe Broback

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