CFB Player Profile: RB Najee Harris, Alabama

RB Najee Harris, Alabama

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Antioch, CA (Antioch)
247 RATING: .9984
YEAR: Senior

Rushing: 387 rushes, 2,377 yards (6.1 ypc), 20 touchdowns
Receiving: 37 catches, 356 yards (9.6 ypc), 7 touchdowns

Rushing: 209 rushes, 1,224 yards (5.9 ypc), 13 touchdowns
Receiving: 27 catches, 304 yards (11.3 ypc), 7 touchdowns


Najee Harris Breakdown

Weighing options isn’t something new to Najee Harris. Before he came to Tuscaloosa, he debated between going there or to Michigan. After the 2019 season, he needed to choose whether or not to turn pro. His return to Alabama gives the Tide one of the most complete backs in the country, and returns with a unique skillset.

Let’s start with the obvious. Harris’ size will be the first thing people notice when watching or meeting him. At 6’2″, 230 pounds, how could you not? He’s a natural running between the tackles, and his natural strength makes him tough to tackle. He won’t beat many guys to the outside, but he’s great running inside and punishing tacklers. Normally, a guy with this kind of power sticks to that, but Harris adds a changeup to his power as well.

A guy his size shouldn’t be able to do some of the things he does. Right when defenders think they have the perfect technique figured out to tackle Harris, he jumps. As if it wasn’t enough to just worry about his power, he displays his athleticism, something you don’t expect from him. The list of guys he’s hurdled  continues to grow, and it seems like each new hurdle is more amazing than the last. He has developed his game in multiple areas, and any further improvements will help his draft stock next year.

Harris has good patience to let his blockers do the work, and he’s constantly scanning for any openings they provide. While he doesn’t have the greatest burst through the hole, his leg drive gives him a chance to make it to the second level even if a hole closes on him. One thing he can work on for his game at the next  level is getting quicker to get through the defensive line and to the outside quicker. He has already gotten faster over the past few years, and it seems inevitable that he’ll be highly coveted when he finally turns pro.

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