CFB Player Profile: RB Max Borghi, Washington State

RB Max Borghi, Washington State

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HEIGHT: 5-10
247 RATING: .8731
YEAR: Junior

Rushing: 199 rushes, 1,183 yards (5.9 ypc), 19 touchdowns
Receiving: 139 catches, 971 yards (7.0 ypc), 9 touchdowns

Rushing: 127 rushes, 817 yards (6.4 ypc), 11 touchdowns
Receiving: 86 catches, 597 yards (6.9 ypc), 5 touchdowns


Max Borghi Breakdown

All Max Borghi wants to do is make plays, and he doesn’t care how he does it. Washington State’s offense might have a new staff running it, but it should look similar to the previous regime. Borghi’s role should remain the same, and might actually expand given what he’s shown on tape.

College football is seeing a trend of versatile players who can contribute as runners and receivers, and Borghi might be the best at it. Washington State put the ball in his hands 213 times last year, 127 as a rusher and 86 as a pass catcher. He averaged 6.6 yards per touch, so it’s safe to say that the new coaching staff will try to utilize him in numerous ways and they’ll get positive results.

Getting Borghi in space creates mismatches that most defensive coordinators can’t combat. He’s a great pass catcher who is capable of participating in the short to intermediate passing game. His hands are arguably the best of any running back in the nation, as he rarely spends time fighting the ball which slows him down. Once the ball is in his hands, he typically needs to make one move and he’s off to the races. He has his sights set on the endzone, and there aren’t many players that can chase him down.

As a runner, Borghi’s game is reliant upon speed to win. He’s not going to run through a ton of tackles, and doesn’t have the best balance when running inside. Lineman and linebackers can slow or bring him down without much trouble, but one missed tackle could means points for the Cougars.

You want a Swiss Army Knife for your offense? Max Borghi is your guy. He’s equally as dangerous as a pass catcher as he is a runner, and Nick Rolovich’s staff will love the new tool they have to utilize. Hand him the ball or throw it to him, it doesn’t matter. Borghi is tough to scheme against, and defenders must account for him on every play.

Joe Broback
Joe Broback

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