CFB Player Profile: RB Kennedy Brooks, Oklahoma

RB Kennedy Brooks, Oklahoma

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HEIGHT: 5-10
HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Mansfield, TX (Mansfield)
247 RATING: .9159
YEAR: Junior

Rushing: 274 rushes, 2,067 yards (7.5 ypc), 18 touchdowns
Receiving: 20 catches, 136 yards (7.9 ypc)

Rushing: 155 rushes, 1,011 yards (6.5 ypc), 6 touchdowns
Receiving: 10 catches, 79 yards (7.9 ypc)


Kennedy Brooks Breakdown

Oklahoma’s running back room was getting crowded in a hurry. Kennedy Brooks, Trey Sermon and Rhamondre Stevenson were all returning, and there didn’t seem to be enough touches to go around to everyone. Then, Sermon entered the transfer portal, and suddenly things opened up. Brooks becomes the starter, and he gives the Sooners coaching staff one less player to worry about this year.

If you’re a running back that can hang on to the football, you’ll win over the coaching staff. Turnovers kill drives and lose games, and Kennedy Brooks might be the best player in all of college football at holding onto the ball. There are a few factors that play in to this strength, but the most important one is that he keeps the ball high and tight. Ball security is what got him a chance, but his other abilities are what make him one of the best running backs in the country.

Brooks is a powerful runner who has no problem taking hits and staying upright. Even if he has a guy wrapped around him, his leg drive keeps him going and helps him fight for extra yards after contact while keeping the ball secure. Getting hit doesn’t affect him much thanks to his great body control, and running between the tackles is where he’ll thrive the most.

He’s not the quickest back, but he does have decent speed to get in the open and break a long run when he’s running vertically. Not to say he can’t get to the outside (he can), but he’s a stiff runner who tends to lose speed when he needs to change direction. His legs are powerful, but he doesn’t have the flexibility to make cuts quickly and maintain that same speed.

Kennedy Brooks has played in a couple great offenses, but now he’s the biggest feature. He’s a star on an offense that needs a new quarterback, and he can help the new starter get settled by taking over games. Even with competition behind him, Brooks is the guy, and the Sooners running game is in great hands.

Joe Broback
Joe Broback

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