CFB Player Profile: RB Journey Brown, Penn State

RB Journey Brown, Penn State

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HEIGHT: 5-11
HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Meadville, PA (Meadville Area)
247 RATING: .8472
YEAR: Junior

Rushing: 137 rushes, 934 yards (6.8 ypc), 13 touchdowns
Receiving: 16 catches, 143 yards (8.9 ypc), 1 touchdown

Rushing: 129 rushes, 890 yards (6.9 ypc), 12 touchdowns
Receiving: 15 catches, 134 yards (8.9 ypc), 1 touchdown


Journey Brown Breakdown

Journey Brown’s ascension to starting running back didn’t come without challenges, but he made it through the obstacles and ended the year on an extremely high note. With a full year under his belt and a monster Cotton Bowl performance, the hype surrounding him should only grow as the offseason continues.

While his name might be Journey, his running style is anything but that. If he’s going to get somewhere, it’s going straight ahead. His journeys typically include downhill running with defenders bouncing off of him. He is a north-south runner with great leg drive that makes him tough to tackle. His touchdown run against Ohio State showcased his unwillingness to go down and to work hard even if it’s for a few yards. Once he gets through the first wave of tacklers, good luck catching him. Brown has the speed and power to make short runs turn into long ones.

If Brown is going to break a long run, it will be because of his power and explosiveness. Lateral cuts tend to slow him down, and he’s not going to make many tacklers miss unless he runs through them. Not to say that he doesn’t have any wiggle, but his game is primarily downhill and straight ahead. He can be utilized in the pass game as he catches the ball without much trouble, but one defender can bring him down if he hasn’t picked up steam yet.

When used in pass protection, his best option is to try and cut the blitzer headed his way. He’s a powerful runner but can’t replicate that in blocking yet. He’s strong enough to do it, but just doesn’t have the leverage and technique yet. That comes with time, and will help him become a more complete back. Right now, he’s a powerful runner capable of changing a game and doing some damage in the second and third levels of a defense. Penn State’s running game is in good hands once again, and maybe for a few more years. 

Joe Broback
Joe Broback

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