CFB Player Profile: RB Demetric Felton, UCLA

RB Demetric Felton, UCLA

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HEIGHT: 5-10
HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Temecula, CA (Great Oak)
247 RATING: .8838
YEAR: Senior

Receiving: 77 catches, 799 yards (10.4 ypc), 5 touchdowns
Rushing: 101 rushes, 433 yards (4.3 ypc), 2 touchdowns

Receiving: 55 catches, 594 yards (10.8 ypc), 4 touchdowns
Rushing: 86 rushes, 331 yards (3.8 ypc), 1 touchdown


Demetric Felton Breakdown

What position does Demetric Felton play this year? Chip Kelly knows he can use his star running back/wide receiver/returner anywhere on the field and find success. Felton’s best position still is unknown because he’s so good in multiple areas of the game. The details of both positions still need work, but he’s an explosive player with the football in his hands. Defenses have to prepare for him as a running back, but also as a receiver. Oh, and they have to worry about kicking the ball to him as well.

Felton’s the definition of a game changer. We saw that on display this year against Washington State where he ran a kick back and hauled in a long touchdown pass. There’s no stopping him. You can only hope to slow him down. Chip Kelly’s a  brilliant offensive mind, and he knows how to get his stud in space to make plays. His versatility is unique and unmatched. There’s not another player that can line up on the outside and run past his man and the next play line up in the backfield and run between the tackles like he can. He’s a special player regardless of what the stats say.

Whether it’s speed or power, Felton utilizes both in appropriate situations. He can burn a defensive back with his speed, but he can also sustain a hit from a linebacker and stay upright. He’s a tough player who refuses to be tackled anywhere on the field. Drops can be an issue along with route running at receiver, but he’s had an offseason to work on that. His vision at running back also isn’t the greatest, but he also was thrust into that role early in the season without a ton of preparation.

Now that he knows he can handle the workload, Kelly asking him to do so again in 2020 won’t be an issue. Many will pick UCLA as a dark horse team, an Felton plays a large role in how high this team can go. Just getting him the ball in space gives his team a chance to put points on the board.

Joe Broback
Joe Broback

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