CFB Player Profile: RB Brenden Knox, Marshall

RB Brenden Knox, Marshall

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Columbus, OH (Franklin Heights)
247 RATING: .7667
YEAR: Junior

Rushing: 365 rushes, 1,965 yards (5.4 ypc), 15 touchdowns
Receiving: 20 catches, 153 yards (7.7 ypc)

Rushing: 207 rushes, 1,387 yards (5.1 ypc), 11 touchdowns
Receiving: 14 catches, 129 yards (9.2 ypc)


Brenden Knox Breakdown

Brenden Knox won Conference USA Most Valuable Player last year, but you’d probably never know it if it wasn’t all over the internet. That’s the type of person he is, and it’s not about the attention and recognition. Whether it’s good or bad, Knox treats every situation the same. His short term memory allows him to stay level-headed and keep focusing on the long run.

Knox isn’t the most talented runner in college football, but he’s solid. He’s not   going to run away from defenders or run everyone over, but he can mix things up and find ways to get into space. He’s a tough runner who won’t go down easily. Arm tackles are completely useless against him. Even defenders who have him trapped aren’t guaranteed to bring him down. He’s shifty enough to put that defender out of position, and anyone that doesn’t bring their best effort to tackle him will likely find themselves on the ground without him. It’s not easy taking him own, no matter how easy it might seem.

While he might not run away from anyone, he gets going in a hurry. He starts fast, and doesn’t take much time to get to the next level. You can tell he’s always looking for room to run, and his burst thru the hole allows him to gash a defense. Picking up a chunk of yardage is what he’s good at, and anything after that is just a bonus. He doesn’t have a ton of elite traits, but he’s really good at many. If you want a reliable running back, Knox is the guy.

How do you improve upon a year where you’re the MVP? For Knox, it means becoming a better pass catcher and protector. He currently doesn’t possess the power to stun a blitzer, but he is a solid receiver (with room to grow). He’s got as good of a foundation as you would want, bud there’s room for him to grow. Marshall’s looking to win the conference in 2020, and they have the work horse at running back who’s going to put in the work to bring them where they want to go.

Joe Broback
Joe Broback

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