CFB Player Profile: RB Breece Hall, Iowa State

RB Breece Hall, Iowa State

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Wichita, KS (Northwest)
247 RATING: .8955
YEAR: Sophomore

Rushing: 186 rushes, 897 yards (4.8 ypc), 9 touchdowns
Receiving: 23 catches, 252 yards (11.0 ypc), 1 touchdown

Rushing: 186 rushes, 897 yards (4.8 ypc), 9 touchdowns
Receiving: 23 catches, 252 yards (11.0 ypc), 1 touchdown


Breece Hall Breakdown

Breece Hall didn’t take college football as serious as he should. His routine after practice included him winding down with Madden or 2K, but a suggestion from his coach is what put him into the starting lineup. With David Montgomery off to the NFL, Iowa State needed someone to take his place as the starting running back. When Matt Campbell urged Hall to spend more time watching film and taking his role more seriously, he took it to heart and the results were incredible.

A natural athlete, Hall just needs the ball in space and he’s tough to take down. The Cyclones can use him in the passing game, and his hands rival those of some of the receivers on the team. His one handed snag against Texas Tech showed fans that he can make big plays with his hands. Once he’s in the open field, it’s off to the races. Hall’s speed and acceleration help him pull away from defenders, and he’s quick to get north and south when running the football to the outside or catching the ball in the passing game. Given that he’s more of a speed back, running inside isn’t the most effective until he adds more size. With multiple years left in his career, his work in the weight room will help him generate more power in his runs.

Right now, Hall’s more of a straight ahead runner, but he’s shown that he can create space for himself by making a couple cuts. Once he has the football in his hands, he’s constantly scanning the field to see where openings are and where defender might come from to take him down. When he sees an opening, he accelerates through to get to the next level. Adding strength will also help him break tackles, as one man tends to be able to take him down. Strength in his legs will help him keep them moving through contact. Overall, Hall’s an extremely player with great potential, especially in the passing game. Another offseason in the weight room is what he needs, and he’s shown that he has the right mentality to become a better back. 

Joe Broback
Joe Broback

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