CFB Player Profile: RB Pooka Williams, Kansas

RB Pooka Williams, Kansas

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HEIGHT: 5-10
HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Boutte, LA (Hahnville)
247 RATING: .9055
YEAR: Junior

Rushing: 364 rushes, 2,186 yards (6.0 ypc), 10 touchdowns
Receiving: 60 catches, 503 yards (8.4 ypc), 4 touchdowns

Rushing: 203 rushes, 1,061 yards (5.2 ypc), 3 touchdowns
Receiving: 27 catches, 214 yards (7.9 ypc), 2 touchdowns


Pooka Williams Breakdown

If you looked up the definition of explosive, you’d find a picture of Kansas’ great running back. Williams is a playmaker in more ways than one, and he’s a player where you literally just need to get him in space, and it’s a wrap.

Williams’ speed jumps out on film, and he’s capable of running away from anyone. It doesn’t take long for him to get to top speed at his size, which helps him get to the outside and in space where he has room to run. Along with his speed, he’s quick enough to stop on a dime and get going again. All it takes is one cut for defenders to miss too, and he’s in the open running free. While he’s great in space and running to the outside, inside runs won’t yield the same results.

Breaking tackles isn’t his fortitude, so it’s tough for him to break free when he needs to run through people. At 170 pounds, the coaching staff would like him to add weight to his frame to become a more complete back. Typically the first defender that gets a hand on him will take him down, and Kansas already has a tough enough time moving the ball without him.

Along with that lack of physicality, blocking isn’t an option for him. At his size, he’s wouldn’t even take up space trying to get in a pass rusher’s way. Luckily for him, he’s a dynamic player in the passing game too. Take everything we know about him as a runner, and add in great hands that gets him the ball in space. Kansas can’t continue to rely on him as their only explosive weapon, but he’s a great option for now while the rest of the offense figures things out.

Pooka Williams won’t get enough love because of the team he’s on, but he’s one of the most explosive players in all of college football. In a conference known for a lack of defense, he’ll be just fine producing similar numbers (if not better) as last year.

Joe Broback
Joe Broback

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