CFB Player Profile: Kedon Slovis, USC

QB Kedon Slovis, USC

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Scottsdale, AZ (Desert Mountain)
247 RATING: .8683
YEAR: Sophomore

Passing: 3,502 yards (71.9%), 30 touchdowns, 9 interceptions
Rushing: N/A

Passing: 3,502 yards (71.9%), 30 touchdowns, 9 interceptions
Rushing: N/A


Kedon Slovis Breakdown

– Hip/core usage
– Arm strength
– Poise
– Setup quickness
– Mobile
– Reading coverage
– Touch
– Durability

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Kedon Slovis became a starting quarterback, even if it did come sooner than expected. An injury to J.T. Daniels thrust Slovis into the starting role, and he enters the 2020 season as the favorite with Daniels transferring to Georgia. His experience and mentorship give him a great chance at winning the job, but it’s not a given at this point.

Learning from Super Bowl-winning quarterback Kurt Warner gave Slovis knowledge that few high school quarterbacks get in their careers. Warner’s challenging system pushed Slovis to pay attention to the details of being the starting quarterback, and it’s a big reason why he was successful. His preparation not only helped him become the starter, but it displayed his poise. Slovis never let the spotlight get too big, and pressure didn’t seem to affect him. It helps that he’s quick to set his feet and throw, giving him more time to get the ball out before the defender is in his face.

With the amount of talent at receiver, Slovis at first needed to get the ball out  quickly and let his guys do the work. As the season progressed, he was able to   contribute more. His hips and core play a big role in his arm strength, as he utilizes both well when throwing the football. As he puts in more work in the weight room, his arm strength will only get better. Add that to another year in the playbook and he’s going to be dangerous.

His biggest concern will be his durability. Slovis sustained a number of injuries, including a concussion, and missed time due to those injuries. Keeping him upright and healthy for the whole year will be key. He’s a great passer who’s only going to get better with time, and he has a good base to work with going forward. Staying healthy remain the biggest obstacle, but USC’s a dangerous team if he stays upright.

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