CFB Player Profile: Jayden Daniels, Arizona State

QB Jayden Daniels, Arizona State

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): San Bernadino, CA (Cajon)
247 RATING: .9832
YEAR: Sophomore

Passing: 2,943 yards (60.7%), 17 touchdowns, 2 interceptions
Rushing: 355 yards (2.8 ypc), 3 touchdowns

Passing: 2,943 yards (60.7%), 17 touchdowns, 2 interceptions
Rushing: 355 yards (2.8 ypc), 3 touchdowns


Jayden Daniels Breakdown

– Arm strength
– Velocity
– Mobility
– Ball placement
– Size
– Lower body/core usage
– Throwing on the run
– Anticipation

Head coach Herm Edwards has a strong bond with his quarterback, more than the average head coach and quarterback do. Jayden Daniels might have only been a freshman last year, but he acted like a veteran. Edwards constantly found his quarterback in his office and around the facilities, trying to get better and soak in anything that would help him get better.

When he’s locked in, Daniels is one of the most electric quarterbacks in all of college football. A cannon for an arm, letting him throw the ball deep is fun to watch, especially if he’s given a ton of time to let his receiver get farther downfield. And that’s with mostly just his arm. Daniels doesn’t have a ton of weight to throw around the begin with (a concern for durability), but utilizing his lower body and core more often would add even more zip to his passes. Defenses constantly must worry about getting beat deep, because Daniels can get the ball over any defender. He’s shown flashes of great touch on those deep passes too, proving that he can add some finesse to his passes no matter how far it needs to go.

Gaining knowledge and studying his playbook will help him with his accuracy and with anticipation. Right now, there are a number instances where Daniels waits   until his man is open, especially on short to intermediate routes, and that leads to incompletions or potential turnovers. Granted, he only threw two interceptions and did a great job of taking care of the football. He’s a smart player who doesn’t take a ton of unnecessary risks, and he’s learning more and more off of the field.

Jayden Daniels is already acting like a player with years of starting experience under his belt. Even before he was a starter, he worked out with his receivers in the offseason to get the timing down with them. He’s driven to get better, and has the tools to be an elite quarterback. His improvement will come with time, but he’s well on his way to where he wants to be.

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