CFB Player Profile: RB Jaret Patterson, Buffalo

RB Jaret Patterson, Buffalo

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Laurel, MD (St. Vincent Pallotti)
247 RATING: .7675
YEAR: Junior

Rushing: 468 rushes, 2,777 yards (5.7 ypc), 33 touchdowns
Receiving: 20 catches, 271 yards (13.6 ypc), 1 touchdown

Rushing: 312 rushes, 1,799 yards (5.8 ypc), 19 touchdowns
Receiving: 13 catches, 209 yards (16.1 ypc), 1 touchdown


Jaret Patterson Breakdown

If you don’t pay attention to football outside of Power 5 conferences, you’re not watching some of the best players. Jaret Patterson is a perfect example of that. Same with his team. Buffalo is a team to watch in 2020, and their star running back will lead the way.

While he’s considered undersized, Patterson plays anything but that. His 5’9”, 195 pound frame doesn’t scream physical, his game definitely sets a tone for any game. His legs are thick, and drives them through contact to break tackles, but maybe the most lethal part of his game is his stiff arm. Not only do defenders have to worry about getting run over, but they can get slammed down if they’re not careful.

With his size comes limitations, as he doesn’t have elite speed to pull away from defenders, though he had no trouble breaking off big runs despite that. He relies on his eyes to find a hole, and his explosiveness through the opening gets him to the second and third levels before defenders can react. It’s a big reason why he had five games in which he rushed for 160 yards or more in 2019. While he’s a phenomenal runner, there’s one part of his game that he can improve upon to get even better.

Patterson’s not much of a threat in the passing game. While he did average 16.1 yards per catch, his hands aren’t the most reliable. Through in the fact that he’s   inexperienced as a route runner, and you’d be surprised to see the Bulls utilize him in the passing game more often. If he can do that, defensive coordinators need to add another thing to their long list of things to worry about when it comes to slowing him down.

Jaret Patterson is one of college football’s gems, and he’s a great player to watch if you’re looking to expand your horizons. An underrated and undersized back with great potential, and that’s plenty to like.

Joe Broback
Joe Broback

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