CFB Player Profile: Hank Bachmeier, Boise State

QB Hank Bachmeier, Boise State

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Murrieta, CA (Murrieta Valley)
247 RATING: .9114
YEAR: Sophomore

Passing: 1,879 yards (62.8%), 9 touchdowns, 6 interceptions
Rushing: 69 yards (1.7 ypc), 1 touchdown

Passing: 1,879 yards (62.8%), 9 touchdowns, 6 interceptions
Rushing: 69 yards (1.7 ypc), 1 touchdown


Hank Bachmeier Breakdown

– Pocket presence
– Toughness
– Arm strength
– Poise
– Crafty runner
– Internal clock
– Decision making
– Ball security
– Durability

We were introduced to Hank Bachmeier early in the 2019 college football season, and we saw what the future holds for the Boise State Broncos offense. Bachmeier gives Boise State a quarterback who can play the game like an experienced senior, but also has room to grow.

At his best, Bachmeier can shred any defense presented, as we saw against Florida State (407 yards passing). He’s a natural in the pocket, knowing where a defender is coming without actually seeing them. More often than not, he’s able to stay in the pocket to allow his receivers to get open and make a play. He has poise beyond his years, and pressure doesn’t tend to rattle him (even if he gets smoked). When he does find a receiver, we saw the strength in his arm that seemingly only gets better with time. Whether it’s on a rope or requires touch, there’s not a throw that he can’t make, and not a coverage that he can’t beat when all things are going well.

Bachmeier’s toughness would win over any locker room. The number of big hits he took an still completed a pass are worth watching again on film, but more to remind him that sometimes he needs to protect himself. While he does sit in the pocket to give his receivers time, he needs to work on knowing when it’s time to escape the pocket and keep himself healthy. When he does leave the pocket, he’s smart with his running, but ball security becomes a concern.

We only saw glimpses of what Hank Bachmeier could do as a freshman. He showed that he can be an elite quarterback, but he needs to be on the field to do that. Staying healthy will get him more reps, and bring Boise State’s offense to a new level. He has the arm talent and some intangibles to be a great quarterback, and he’ll only get better with more reps.

Joe Broback
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