CFB Player Profile: Alan Bowman, Texas Tech

QB Alan Bowman, Texas Tech

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HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Grapevine, TX (Grapevine)
247 RATING: .8568
YEAR: Junior

Passing: 3,658 yards (68.2%), 23 touchdowns, 10 interceptions
Rushing: N/A

Passing: 1,020 yards (65.6%), 6 touchdowns, 3 interceptions
Rushing: N/A


Alan Bowman Breakdown

– Quick release
– Decision making
– Short to medium throws
– Ball placement
– Reading defenses
– Release level
– Long throws
– Shoulder health

First thing you notice when watching Alan Bowman play is his release. It’s similar to former NC State quarterback Phillip Rivers’ release. Bowman lets the ball go lower than the typical quarterback, but he’s shown that he’s effective with that style. Any short to medium route is well within his wheelhouse, and it doesn’t take long for the ball to find its intended target.

In his limited time playing quarterback for the Red Raiders (just 11 games played in the last two seasons), Bowman’s shown his potential. His ceiling is high (four games of 400+ yards passing—one over 600), and his floor isn’t extremely low. That’s largely thanks to his smart decision making. Bowman tends to make good choices when distributing the football through the air. Granted, many of his passes are screens and shorter throws, but he keeps the ball in good hands.

Short to medium routes that require quick decisions are well within his arsenal, but after that it becomes a little more inconsistent. His low release has the potential to be blocked more frequently, but also limits his deep passes. Now, he still has solid arm strength, but the release level takes away any extra power from his throws. Reading defenses also presents a challenge, as he’s still learning how to read some coverages and work through his progressions. With the skills he already has, adding those two things makes him one of the best in the country.

An injury to his shoulder limited him last year, and he finally decided to redshirt despite being healthy towards the end of the year. How his shoulder healed will play a big factor this year. Texas Tech and Bowman throw a lot (he threw almost 44 times per game in his 11 games), and a weak shoulder provides another obstacle to overcome. A healthy Bowman gives Texas Tech the perfect quarterback for their offense, and allows the Red Raiders to run their playbook at a blistering pace.

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