Bears trading Roquan Smith to Baltimore Ravens

The Chicago Bears are trading linebacker Roquan Smith to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for draft picks.

Full Trade details

Bears Receive

  • 2nd-round draft pick
  • 5th-round draft pick
  • A.J. Klein (linebacker)

Ravens Receive

  • Roquan Smith

What does this Trade mean for the Chicago Bears?

The Bears are trying to rebuild right now. Roquan Smith is a great player, but this move indicates the Bears do not see themselves as a serious contender as they currently sit with a 3-5 record. The Minnesota Vikings currently have a strong lead in the NFC North.

The Bears have shown flashes but they have a long ways to go in order to revamp that roster. They feel they have a quarterback they can build around in Justin Fields. Trading Roquan Smith away for draft picks is a move that supports that stance.

In addition to the draft picks, the Bears are also receiving veteran linebacker A.J. Klein. He is a serviceable return for a team who is rebuilding. Prior to this season with the Ravens, Klein started 15 games in two seasons for the Buffalo Bills, who had one of the top defenses in the NFL during that span.

What does this trade mean for the Baltimore Ravens?

Unlike the Bears, the Ravens are looking to win now. They have a former MVP quarterback in Lamar Jackson and a decent team around him. Their offense is dangerous but their defense has been shaky at times. Smith is a player that can make a big impact right away.

Even without Smith they currently sit in first place in the AFC North. This is a division that sent the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl last season.

This trade came shortly after the Ravens announced the news that wide receiver Rashod Bateman will miss several weeks with a football injury.

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Here is a look at the draft pics the Bears currently have after the trade.

Bears 2023 draft picks: 
1st round (own) 
2nd round (own)
2nd round (Ravens)
3rd round (own)
4th round (own) 
4th round (Eagles) 
5th round (own) 
5th round (Ravens) 
7th round (own) Plus over $100M in salary cap space to upgrade the roster.

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Is a contract situation is already arising?

New #Ravens LB Roquan Smith is in the final year of his deal.
Unless Baltimore does a new deal, he'll be a free agent in March.
How about the franchise tag? Lamar Jackson is also in the final year of his contract. They need it for him right now.
Very interesting situation.

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Did the Ravens make a bad trade?

ravens traded a 2 and a 5 for a linebacker who can’t cover and wants 20 mil this offseason

@taanishkaaa on Twitter

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