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Highlights: Trail Blazers beat Lakers in game 1

Watch highlights from game 1 of the NBA playoffs where the Portland Trail Blazers stunned the Los Angeles Lakers.


The #8 seeded Portland Trail Blazers just stole game 1 of their playoff matchup against the top seeded Los Angeles Lakers.

Lebron James dropping an amazing 23-17-16 triple-double wasn’t enough for the Lakers to beat the Trail Blazers. Damian Lillard dropped a game-high 34 points along with 21 from his partner in crime C.J. McCollum. In addition, Carmelo Anthony and Jusuf Nurkic both dropped double-doubles for Portland.

This is not an ideal start for the Lakers who have not looked right since the NBA season restarted in the bubble.

After the game, LeBron James and Anthony Davis were asked some questions from Lakers’ reporters. Lauren A. Jones reported the following. A lot of the talk was about not having a crowd.

Lebron James was asked about activating playoff mode: “I’m going to continue to say this, it’s different. This is a game with no fans.”

Anthony Davis was also asked about the difference in environments: “Our bench is trying to make up for no crowd.”

Anthony Davis on his thoughts about Portland: “They’re a good team, there’s no surprise that they’re here…We gotta shoot better from the line as a team. We got everything we wanted on the offensive end, it’s just about make shots.”

Is it time for the Lakers to panic?

It’s not time to panic just yet. The Portland Trail Blazers are hot right now so the Lakers do need to put out their flame sooner than later. They are not a team you want to let build up too much momentum.