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WATCH: Former NFL MVP prefers Zach Wilson over Trevor Lawrence

Joe Theismann doesn't think the #1 pick of the 2021 NFL draft is as obvious as it seems.


Trevor Lawrence is thought of as a generational NFL quarterback prospect across the board. He is the first choice on every major NFL mock draft and expected to be the clear first pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. Despite that, former NFL MVP Joe Theismann thinks that Zach Wilson is the best quarterback prospect in the draft. He explained why on CBS Sports HQ while talking with Emmy award-winning journalist Amanda Guerra.

“I just love the way he throws the football,” Theismann told Guerra. “It’s hard to teach. We’ve seen people learn to perfect it a little bit but he has all the natural skills. He has a live arm, he’s got a strong arm, he can put touch on it, he can gun it.”

The statistics from this past season back up Theismann’s views about Wilson’s arm. He was in the top 5 in completion percentage, yards, and touchdowns. All while only throwing three interceptions all season.

“He’s 6’3″ he’s not a small guy. Watching him play quarterback, he looks really ready.”

While Wilson put up monster numbers, the biggest concern is that he played lesser competition than guys like Trevor Lawrence and Mac Jones. That isn’t a concern at all in Theismann’s eyes.

Theismann continued “Now Trevor Lawrence certainly is a big kid who can run really well who is surrounded by terrific talent at Clemson. A little bit like Mac Jones at Alabama. They are surrounded by terrific talent and sometimes you look at the talent and say, did that help the position a lot?”

This doesn’t seem to be critical of Lawrence or the other prospects in any way. Theismann just feels very strongly about Wilson.

I just think that coming into this particular draft, Zach checks all the boxes for me. My choice, my guy.” Theismann added.

After those comments Guerra asked Theismann if he would take Zach Wilson over Trevor Lawrence to clarify.

“Honestly yes.” Theismann answered. “Real close, we are sort of splitting hairs a little bit here but yeah I would.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the first pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. We will see if they shake up the football world and listen to the former NFL MVP’s advice. Sometimes you have to take a little risk to find the next Patrick Mahomes.