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CFB Player Profile: WR Damonte Coxie, Memphis

WR Damonte Coxie, Memphis

HOMETOWN (HIGH SCHOOL): Reserve, LA (East St. John)
247 RATING: .8624
YEAR: Junior

Receiving: 169 catches, 2,773 yards (16.4 ypc), 19 touchdowns

Receiving: 76 catches, 1,276 yards (16.8 ypc), 9 touchdowns


Damonte Coxie Breakdown

Damonte Coxie plays the game with a chip on his shoulder, and it stems from LSU taking their offer away from him when he tore his meniscus in high school. In stepped Memphis and the rest is history. After sitting behind one of the best wide receivers in Memphis history, Anthony Miller, Coxie is writing his own great story that could end with him in that same category.

That aforementioned chip is what will keep him successful even with a new staff entering the picture. Coxie improved his numbers every single year, but also gets to work with quarterback Brady White once again. So that trend should continue. His attention to detail is a big strength, and another year in the weigh room only gives him more of an edge of his defender.

Coxie’s not the fastest or quickest guy on the field. He doesn’t have the quickest feet on his release, so defenders can get hands on them when they want. That might slow down some receivers, but Coxie combats that be being physical and using his hands and size to get off the line. He also doesn’t have the best speed to pull away from his man, but he’s worked hard to make sharp cuts and run good routes that gives him separation.

If all else fails, he has a Plan B if he can’t get away from a corner. If it comes down to it, Coxie knows how to physically dominate the catch point. He’s going to win jump balls against anyone by shielding them from the all and using his strong hands to snatch the ball out of the air. He’s not afraid to use his physicality to win the ball.

Memphis has a big, technically sound receiver who’s self aware of his abilities and works on ways to work around his weaknesses. His chip on his shoulder make him pay attention to the details of his game, and makes him one of the best receivers in the AAC. Even with a new coaching staff, improving upon his 2019 numbers won’t be an issue.

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